Intégrez, align !

Smyline is a French brand of aligners designed to democratize invisible orthodontic treatment using aligners supervised and monitored by a professional.

Aware of the challenges and expectations of today’s dentists, we have built a whole new approach around aligners. We support general practitioners in setting up a sustainable aligner business within their practice.

Focus on your passion !
We’ll take care of the rest !

TRAINING your teams

The Smyline training course is included and accessible immediately and all the time. Log on to our platform and start training at your own pace.

4 modules for a comprehensive approach to the integration of an aligning activity :

  • Clinical Module: the fundamentals of aligners
  • Patient relations: understanding your patients and proposing appropriate solutions
  • Management and organization: the keys to integrating a new aligners business
  • Digital tools: familiarize yourself with our tracking application and connected tools.

clinical and technical support

Smyline puts its know-how and expertise at its customers’ disposal.

  • Practitioners can call on a team of orthodontic experts to draw up treatment plans and answer questions on a daily basis.


  • We’re available and ready to listen, Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm. Concentrate on your core business – we take care of the technical backoffice!


The Smyline proffessional platform is based on the standards and great successes of digital dental treatment management tools. Easy to use and intuitive, it brings together all the essential information and lets you track treatment progress in just 1 click:

  • Filed plan
  • 3D smile simulation (before/after)
  • Aligner production
  • Package shipped…

This common interface makes it possible to centralize and exchange all treatment-related data securely.

patient relations

Smyline can help you build a lasting relationship with your patient, taking into account today’s patient expectations:

  • Affordable recommended retail price,
  • Half-yearly rate for simplified mutual insurance procedures,
  • Possibility of paying in instalments

All these services will make it easier for you to transform your quotations into processing.

We can also provide you with a communication pack (flyer, poster, website…) to inform your patients about Smyline treatments and how they work.

French manufacturing of aligners

Smyline aligners are produced in France in our factory in Lyon, France, equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters… A manufacturing process validated to current standards and regulations.

We guarantee one of the best value for money on the market!

Our local presence means we can deliver aligners within 9 days of validation of the treatment plan. Practical made in France 😊

Smyline tracking application

To involve your patients in their treatment with aligners, use the Smyline app (free and available for iPhone and Android).

  • Chrono function: your patients can record the time they wear their aligners every day, encouraging them to follow Smyline’s recommendations.
  • Personalized patient calendar: notification of aligner changes and follow-up appointments
  • Messaging: contact your patient via chat and make sure everything goes smoothly.

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