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Smyline, for everyone…

We support all general practitioners, whether they are beginners or experienced aligners. Our global approach enables us to install a complete method that adapts to all dental structures.

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  • Clinical and organizational training for each team member
  • Support at every stage of treatment
  • Treatment plans design up by our expert teams
  • All our aligners are amnufactured in France
  • Complete follow-up via our web platform and Smyline patient application

With Smyline, your aligners activity is managed from A to Z!

Giving back everyone a smile

Smyline aligners have been designed to provide alignment corrections at an affordable and attractive price.
By providing our aligners to your patients, you are giving access to invisible orthodontic care supervised by a practitioner to as many people as possible.

Make the difference, integrate into your structure a range of French-made, quality aligners at a competitive price.

Our dental aligner

Unlike the historic competitors, Smyline uses a three-layer material that offers elasticity and strength for less breakage and cracking. Our manufacturing process gives you high quality prodcuts that are among the most transparent on the market.

The aligners are manufactured in France in our factory combining human expertise and cutting-edge technology (laser cutting, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.).

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